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Welcome To Locked In Lynn

At Locked In Lynn we have 3 Themed rooms for you to escape from. All of our rooms have different challenges and puzzles within so no rooms are the same. We rate our rooms difficulty to give ensure you can choose the best room for you. So even if you are a newbie to escape rooms or a seasoned veteran we have a room that's perfect for you!

Why not click Book Now and come and try the #1 rated venue for fun and games in King's Lynn!

Still not sure what an escape room is? Have a look below for an explanation of the core features of an escape room.

Visit Our Rooms page to experience the rooms we have to offer!

What is An Escape Room?

An Escape room is a 60 Minute Real life adventure game!

Assemble your team from 2 to 6 players and enter a themed room in which your main task is to escape! Using mental and physical skills, can you decipher the codes to Escape to freedom. Can you find the keys or decipher the puzzles to unlock the next lock.


Our escape rooms use a variety of locks, these can include keys, numbers, words, directions and even electric controlled magnet locks! 

To complete the room you will need patience, creativity and even more importantly teamwork!

Escape rooms are amazing experiences to share with friends, families, and even colleagues as you work together to discover clues to get out of an escape room, crack puzzles, and accomplish your ultimate goal (solving an escape room).



Diamond Heist

It's there for the taking!

Forbidden campsite.jpg

The Forbidden Campsite

Escape before its too late!

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Opening Hours

Have you got what it takes?

Mon - Wed - Closed

Thursday: 10AM - 10PM

Friday: 10AM - 10PM
Saturday: 10AM - 10PM
Sunday: 10AM - 10PM

Opening Hours May differ depending on bookings for the day. If there are no bookings there may be no member of staff on site.

Please call ahead should you want to pop in.

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Contact Locked In Lynn

Unit 4 Campbells Meadow Business Park,

King's Lynn

United Kingdom

PE30 4YR

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