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Our Rooms

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Death Row

You have been wrongly convicted of a crime that you did not commit which now forces you to face the electric chair within death row. The time for conversation and sob stories are over and now it is down to you and your fellow inmates to escape your inevitable fate. A previous inmate has left clues within the death row wing of the prison and it is down to you to decipher these and use them wisely to evade execution. 


Diamond Heist

A rumour has arisen about a hidden diamond in an old abandoned manor house. You have decided to take it for yourself. Can you find the diamond and escape without being caught.

Image by Gustav Gullstrand

The Forbidden Campsite

You have awoken to find yourself trapped in a forbidden campsite. You have heard about the notorious serial killer that roams the woodlands you find yourselves in. Find your escape before the killer finds you first.

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