Our Rooms

Paranormal Activity

You are within a team of paranormal investigators. You have been tasked with entering a haunted house and expelling the demon who roams within. Can you find out why the house is being haunted and make your escape?

Diamond Heist

A rumour has arisen about a hidden diamond in an old abandoned manor house. You have decided to take it for yourself. Can you find the diamond and escape without being caught.

The Forbidden Campsite

You have awoken to find yourself trapped in a forbidden campsite. You have heard about the notorious serial killer that roams the woodlands you find yourselves in. Find your escape before the killer finds you first.

Make or Break

It's your final job as a career criminal. You are about to risk everything to attempt to make your fortune. Follow the instructions of your leader and steal the haul. Be careful though as security is tight and all can be lost from the start.

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